William J. Seymour was an African American preacher from Centerville Louisiana, he is also the preacher that led the 1906 Azusa Street Revival. While an interim pastor at a small holiness church in Topeka Kansas Seymour received an invite from Neely Terry an African American women who had visited Seymours church while home visiting family in Houston. Neely Terry was living in Los Angeles and attended a small holiness church there, and thought it would be great if William J. Seymour could come speak. Having spoke to Julia Hutchins the pastor of the church they then invited Seymour out to Los Angeles to speak a Julia Hutchins church on the corner of 9th and Santa Fe Ave. in Los Angeles. He spoke there on Sunday March 4, 1906, but returning the following Sunday he found the doors of the church padlocked, the elders of the church had rejected his teaching.

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William J. Seymour
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